How To Get Free Scrub

Hey Coffee Lover

So you love our scrub so much you wanna snag some for free, huh? Let's get to it!

Our scrub is so great you probably think we're a huge company that sells thousands of scrub everyday... well, that's not the case...yet! We've been around for close to a year now.

What helps us more than anything is getting pictures, videos, and reviews from our awesome customers (this is where you come in!)

All you have to do is send in a picture or video of you using our scrub and before you know it you'll have a free scrub on your doorstep!

A handful of pictures will get you one free scrub, but for those of you who hop on video showing them using their scrub you'll get two free scrub!

We are looking for well lit and clear pictures and video! To get an idea of the style of pictures and video we're looking for, check out this charcoal teeth whitening brand, Beauty Charcoal's instagram post.

Once you've taken the pictures/video send them over to! Let us know if you have any questions!


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