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To many, coffee is just the beverage of choice that makes waking up bearable. For others, coffee is an obsession. Coffee helps us get through the day. Coffee is life! If your daily thoughts consist of when my next cup of coffee will be, you’re one of us. You’ve probably thought of creative ways to get your coffee fix. Well here’s a new one, how about using it in your beauty routine? 

That's exactly how Coffee Creations came to be! One day, one of our founders was mindlessly scrolling Google for different ways to use coffee when he came across a coffee scrub recipe. He noticed he had all the makings of this very basic recipe and decided to make it that night. After an evening in the kitchen, he tested it out. After using the scrub, it was obvious to him that everyone needed to know this glorious product! Many tweaks and tests later, this coffee scrub is now in your hands! Congrats on adding the best substance known to man and woman to your beauty routine!

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Feel free to contact us  at help@coffeecreations.co!

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